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Welcome to Stefan Khan-Kernahan's Portfolio - a work in progress!
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The Toolkit

The tools I use when trying to get the job done. Careful, there be dragons ahead! Dun dun dunnnnn

C++ Frameworks


PHP Frameworks


UX Frameworks


AD Serving


Core Skills




The Grind

Over the years I've worked on a few projects, big and small. Here you'll find out more on these, and where they are at now.

This portflio is built on:

Tech: ZURB PHP Responsive Live
Fonts: Bitter (headings), Source Sans Pro (body)

Interested in the Steel Pan? Got a PC (sorry Mac guys). Check out the PHI Steelpan Tutor (YMMV):

UBC IT Website Redesign

My curent Work-Learn project with UBC IT. Responsive CLF, custom theme (designed by Cindy Li). My module hit list:

  • Entity Reference
  • Feeds
  • Google WebFonts (Quicksand, Lato, MuseoSans500)
  • Link It
  • Crumbs
  • Exclude Node Title
  • Block Class
  • Twitter/OAuth
  • Admin Menu
  • Views - Tree, Field View
  • Migrate

Tech: Bootstrap Drupal Responsive Live Sandbox

I currently manage this website, and am responsible for the layout, UX experience, colour design, mobile responsiveness, breakpoints, etc. I have built this on CodeIgniter, and provide a custom management backend, and a custom scripted bulk photo processor (also custom scripted) that auto-generates albums as you see them.

Tech: ZURB Code Igniter Responsive Live
Fonts: Open Sans
Gallery: Galleria (desktop), PhotoSwipe (mobile)
Music: Yahoo WebPlayer, moving to SoundCloud
Custom JS to parse Twitter feed
Ads served using local OpenX

Jbrary is a storytime resource website for Junior Librarians, where the owners Lindsey and Dana create new concepts on how they can tackle storytime in more engaging manners. For this project, I created the website and theme, as well as the social media icons, blog roll images and web survey. Runs on Drupal, UX on ZURB, with my addons being:

  • Google WebFonts (Josefin Slab, Nobile)
  • Link
  • Webforms - Options Elements
  • Webforms - Select (or other)
  • AntiSpam
  • Spamicide
  • Block Class
  • IMCE
  • Admin Menu

Tech: ZURB Drupal Responsive Live

Bouffe Caribbean - Early Release

A friend of mine is interested in highlighting Caribbean food and eateries, and so the Bouffe Caribbean concept was born. It's close to launching, so stay tuned for more info :)

I used JQuery mobile to prototype a simple structure for accessing the LizBliz website, as a starting point for a general discussion on becoming mobile. I used this to explore how I would want users to navigate the site, and to determine if this project should continue as an HTML5 web app, or a native coded app.

The very first website I ever did, in 2005, for my father's construction company. I'm so glad to see it still going strong, although he has asked me to redesign it for August 2013! 8 years with one design! Woweeee

My First Design

My Current Protoype

This is the current website for the Ministry of Transport, Trinidad and Tobago. I worked on getting their navigation down to the 8 categories shown, as well as tagging and restructuring how they present services. I am being very much influenced by MetroUI, and so tried my hand at an updated, mobile friendly prototype that I feel will be more engaging to the audience.

After working on the Ministry of Transport website, the Minister, who is the MP for Fyzabad, asked me to prototype a website for him, which is slated to come live May 2013.
Update Awaiting content

I worked on organising the overwhleming number of services the ministry offered and consildating them under a "Services" category. From there, we moved into bringing in video content, and photo galleries from events, and then really expanded, adding Press Releases, News Articles, Help Guides, etc.

Note: At the time, the project was driven using Drupal, however, new management has taken over and carried over the layout we worked on, with their own theme.

As I was not supporting this website, I drafted a help guide for their technical team, which can be viewed here.

Sadly, the only item of note on this website is the header which I designed for it. This project initially had a lot of momentum, and there is some content in he site, however, concerns were raised by parents as to the presence of images of their children online, for sports days, swim meets etc, and eventually it got to the point where the entire project was put on hold. I continue to host the site until management determines how to move forward, or tells me that this will not work out.


Photo Currently Unavailable

Note: currently finding my archived mocukps of this site, as the website has since changed management

As I have taken on more projects at Lizzard Blizzard, I decided to launch our own intranet to allow us to keep track of assignments and tasks, especially as they pile up by the time I get to them on the weekend. This is powered by OpenAtrium, with theme modifications and logo placement by me.

After doing this, I though I would round everything out by modifying the RoundCube mail server we run, so that it would show the LizBliz Lizzard. This was a "just-or-fun" project, but I think its quite cool.

Older sites I've worked on have kicked the bucket, however, I can provide work references for:

  • Daphne Bartlett Cosmetics
  • The Department of Food Production, Faculty of Science and Agriculture, U.W.I

Things of Interest

I'm around the web here and there, if you're interested in even more of my contribs should check out: